Shoot 'em up Games

  • Mass Mayhem

    Play a suicide terrorist. Upgrade your rocket and explosive belt and complete your objectives.

  • Head Hunter

    Decode the transmission of your target, snipe your target, then zipline over and cut their head off!

  • Bunny Flags

    Protect your flag against enemy units. Use defence, build turrets and get into action using your highly skilled army rabbit. You can ea...

  • Sniper Assassin: Final

    Take revenge on the guy that killed your wife. Complete all sniper missions to hunt down and kill Mr. J.

  • Robo Blast

    You are a robot designed to kill all enemy robots with weapons like gatling guns, flamethrowers, lasers and grenades. Defend yourself a...

  • Notebook Wars

    Fly your doodle airplane over the drawn landscape. Gun down all the enemy airplanes and turrets.

  • Red Riot

    Fly your rocketman through the levels of Red Riot using WASD (arrows) and shoot enemy devices using the mouse.

  • Toxie Radd 2

    Joe has escaped from a prison where the prisoners were tested with zombie experiments. Kill all zombies on your way to the answers that...

  • Bloons 2

    Finally, the dart throwing monkey is back with Bloons 2! Use your mouse to make your way through the new levels in the sequel to the po...

  • Castle Hero

    In Castle Hero you have to defend your castle against hordes of enemy's throwing rocks, shooting arrows or use a gun. There are 4 big b...

  • Saturday Night Bloodfest

    In the topview shooting game Saturday Night Bloodfest you have entered the arena filled with convicts armed with baseball bats. The aud...

  • Laser Cannon

    Laser Cannon is a lovely and also easy-peasy physics skill game just like these cannon shooter games where you've to eleminate all cute...

  • Sharp Trigger

    In the army you can have a good time... er, probably not. But if you wanna release your inner soldier quick then shoot and snipe in thi...

  • Terramek

    In the shooting game Terramek, war droids built using alien bio-technology have gotten out of hand. Use your Terramek to clear the unde...

  • Pryon Ex

    Defend the laboratory against the zombie attacks in order to find a cure and restore peace.

  • Helicops Territories

    Take back your homelands by forcing the enemy to move. Tag and attack territory to earn money and wipe away the enemy.

  • Highway Pursuit 2

    Protect your stolen armored car with a storm of lead! Blast your pursuers, and increase the heat of your firepower with heavy upgrades!

  • Zombies In The Shadow

    Live up to your name and kill all Zombies In The Shadow in this top-down action game. Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot the undeads!

  • Ragdoll Salvation

    Use your bow and arrows to free the ragdolls before you run out of time. The less arrows you use, the more points you get. Be quick, ac...

  • Carveola Incident

    Hold your position as you setup your teammates and their position. Shoot down waves of zombies.

  • Call of Bieber

    Buy guns, upgrade, and shoot coppers in this Bieber standoff. You're not getting out alive!

  • Turtle Girl

    As your turtle slowly moves forward, blast all the enemies coming at you, and upgrade through shop.

  • Flaming Zombooka 2: The Level Pack

    Kill the zombies with your rocket launcher and shoot the brains for points. You can't kill the Super Zombies with your rocket launcher,...

  • Wrath of Evil

    Use your archers and magic spells to defend the gates of hell from the invasion of brave humans. For every human killed you will get so...

  • Betrayed Soldier

    Kill monsters as you grab health packs because of your constantly falling health.

  • Command and Defend

    In Command & Defend your task is to help the general to defend the base. Use defense turret and heavy weapons to defeat the opponent.

  • Angry Birds

    Fire your Angry Birds at those naughty piglets and get buildings to collapse on them.

  • Hitstick 6 - Last Contracts

    Relearn your old Hitman skills in the new part of the shooter action series called Hitstick 6 - Last Contracts. Use your mouse to move,...

  • Front Runner

    In the space shooter Front Runner you fly a space ship hunting for Red Ivan and other bosses. Destroy all enemy units and collect the n...

  • Shorty

    Customize your guy and prepare to battle it out against a bunch of AI in this bloody sidescroller.

  • Night of Million Zombies

    In the shooting game Night of Million Zombies you are trapped in an arena infested with zombies. Kill wave after wave of zombies and st...

  • Epic Zombie Killer

    You are locked in an arena infested with zombies. Try to survive for as long as you can killing all zombies each wave. Earn cash to pur...

  • Rabbit Sniper

    Aim and use the ricochet to kill all humans in each level. When an items falls on you, you have to restart the level.

  • Fast Sniper 2

    Quickly snipe your target after reading your briefing. Don't miss or shoot civilians or it's over.

  • Ragdoll Parashooter

    Use your big turret to shoot down the paratroopers. Don't let them land or they will blow up your cannon!

  • Zomblower

    Throw grenades at the zombies and try to kill them all each level. Watch out not to kill humans.

  • Gunball Arena

    Fight in the arena with armed gunballs. Defeat the guards of the arena to become the new emperor.

  • Tactical Assassin 3

    Complete all missions making use of your sniper skills. Buy weapon upgrades in the shop to complete the missions more easy.

  • Zombie Splatter

    Splatter the zombies brains on the floor with your chainsaw or machine guns.

  • Stick Bang

    Wipe out enemies using bombs and other weapons you can buy. Use arrow keys and mouse to fight.

  • Mecharon 2: Survival

    Your mission is to control a mecharon and defend your base through waves of attacking spiders. When you Level Up, click the button to e...

  • Armor Mayhem

    Fight enemy units in order to retrieve and control the energy crystals that have been found on another planet. Unlock weapons and maps ...

  • Ubergrounds

    Stay alive in the single area as you blast baddies from the left and right, and shoot the boss above.

  • Butcherbugs

    Control a bunch of so-called Butcherbugs through the fancy but also quite dangerous levels of this shoot'em up action game, hit 1-6 to ...

  • ShellShock Live

    Strategic multiplayer game. Launch an arsenal of weapons from your tank and defeat your opponent.

  • Epic Defender

    Defend your hill against the invasion of enemy units and try to survive for as long as possible.

  • Notebook Wars 2

    Destroy the enemy units and collect the coins to upgrade your weapons and aircraft.

  • Zombie Face Ripper

    Shoot down zombies in this rail shooter. Watch those reload times, and be quick aiming.

  • The Moops: Combos of Joy

    Set the highest score testing your skills on shooting at the different shaped Moops. Try to shoot more then 1 Moop in a single shot to ...

  • BattlePaint

    Charge your shooter and demolish all paint blobs as long as you can to set the highest score. See how the screen turns into a painting ...


Best Rated

  • Vector Conflict Siege

    Who is the sentinel? You, you is the sentinel! Let's go back in time, 20 years or so and fight vector devices in the retro action game ...

  • Catnarok

    Help that giant long cat by FIRING YOUR LAAAZOOORS!!1

  • Medieval Rampage

    Battle your way through 25 waves of non-stop combat to avenge your village.

  • Clash Of The Olympians

    Choose your favorite Greek hero and defend the Olympus by fighting various enemies!

  • Battle of Survival

    Play capture the flag against others in this multiplayer sidescroller.

  • Insectonator: Zombie Mode

    Destroy all zombies using a big arsenal of weapons. Smash the fallen bodies to take them all out.

  • Starcraft Brood War Episode IV

    Protect the marine from harm as you snipe all enemies coming after him. Waves get harder and harder.

  • IndestructoCopter

    Take the Destiny of your country into your hands as you fight to protect its citizens from the Enemy

  • Ghost Guidance

    Use the arrow keys to fly, the A key to fire available weapons, and the S key to self destruct your current ship. When outside a host s...

  • Shoot Zombies With Guns

    A short game of shooting zombies quickly on each floor of the building. Can you hit every zombie?