Action / Adventure Games

  • Gilgamesh

    In the action game Gilgamesh you not only have to slash monsters yourself. You can also fight them by spawning different weapons if you...

  • Rail of Death

    Try to stay alive as long as 150 seconds racing through the mines collecting gold.

  • Lost Probe

    Guide a probe through the caves and collect the stars in each of the stages.

  • Johnny Upgrade

    Johnny Upgrade is a cartoon super hero... with no skills at all! Upgrade his powers and arsenal in order to master this awesome arcade ...

  • Round World

    Is it a round Round World, or is it not? Help the little bird named Rato to prove that in this sweet little point and click adventure g...

  • Through The Wars

    Select a character and enter the levels to fight your enemies. Kick, hit and use special combo attacks to wipe out all enemies.

  • Bushido Panda

    Bushido Panda is a cool action game, you will act as the great Kung Fu Panda. The penguins are invading, fight them back and destroy th...

  • Portal Panic

    Portal Panic is a great fighting and adventure game. Pbot has gone on a rampage thanks to Blockheads lack of mental processing. You mus...

  • Spy 2

    It's time to reactivate the good old flying spybot in this cool stealth game sequel! Explore the buildings and save hostages, but be qu...

  • Labyrinth iXi

    Explore the surface area of that foreign planet with your vehicle and eliminate enemies with your gun in this well rendered action game...

  • Pretentious Game

    Are you man or woman enough to play the Pretentious Game? Find out the real meaning of love in this very lean platform art game.

  • Animal Office

    It's your first working day in the Animal Office, so you better do your job right in this funny point and click adventure game.

  • Reincarnation: Bloody Bayou

    In this episode you are sent to earth once again to drag a bad person from the bayou right into hell. Gather items and use them to proc...

  • Coffee Break Hero

    The forces of Evil are mobilising for ill-defined reasons. Your job is to drive them back.

  • Undo The End

    These are dark times, and the world will end soon, unless you can fix it! Use your time travel tool to move through dangerous, insane l...

  • Time Travel Facility 2

    Extradimensional creatures got out of their cages and the lab is collapsing. Get out of it now!

  • Ultimate Arena Extreme

    Customize your fighter, select a stage and game mode and start beating the dirt out of your enemies!

  • Pirateers

    In Pirateers you play a pirate and take control of a pirate ship. Become the most fearsome pirate of all time. Arrrgh!

  • Dungeon Breaker

    Help the adventurer escape the dungeon. Break the chains, collect the coins and free the prisoner.

  • Bang! Heroes

    Platform adventure. Play as Gunslinger or Trickster Raven and kill all the steambots and bandits.

  • John Citizen 2

    Save the earth from the evil Ultimate supreme lord that rules earth now. Gather information, collect items and slayer the enemy units t...

  • Kveendolnitza

    The lovely point and click adventure game Kveendolnitza reminds a bit of the Samorost games. Use mouse to explore the fantasy world!

  • Dragon Age Journeys

    Follow your destiny and fight against all sorts of evil monsters to restore peace in this magic world.

  • Achilles 2: Legend

    As the legend Achilles your duty is to fight off all sorts of enemy units to maintain the status of a legend.

  • Tony Crazy Escape

    Tony Toon needs your help in this funny point and click adventure. Use mouse to guide him through another dimension and beat the wizard...

  • Anski and Blip

    Help the best friends Anski and Blip to get back all their pets in this cute platform puzzle game. Of course, that will only work with ...

  • Zomboy

    These are the adventure of zombie boy Zomboy! Use mouse to point and click your way through this cool adventure game and find out who y...

  • Wacky Ballz 2

    Get Wacky Ballz through brand-new levels of the physics platform game in this sequel. Use arrow keys to jump and roll and reach the exi...

  • Solid Sneak

    No weapons, no fighting skills! You better be quiet when sneaking through the rooms of the stealth game Solid Sneak to avoid guards.

  • Spirit Fencer

    Help out Lugh to retrieve his kidnapped wife from the dark, mysterious army that has invaded the land. Combine stones with different po...

  • Cellar Door

    Take care! Do you really wanna know what's behind the Cellar Door? Maybe it's a creepy horror movie adventure game that scares the crap...

  • Harry Quantum 2

    Solve a case for wrestling champion SuperBurro. Framed for a crime he didn't commit harry has to find out who stole the artifacts from ...

  • Easter Avenger EX

    The evil Easter rabbit has chocolated the father of Pascual. An intrepid easter egg will have to cross dangerous levels to get his reve...

  • Stealth Hunter 2

    Sneak into a base of the enemy and dismantle the secret nuclear cargo that they hide.

  • Brainless Monkey Rampage

    You are an evil monkey and it is your duty to destroy or strangle a targeted amount of people to complete each level. Earn points to ex...

  • Raccoon's Break Out

    Help the raccoon to escape from the jail. Collect useful items and combine them to get things done in order to escape.

  • noitcelfeR

    Sometimes things are invisible, but at least you can see them in the Reflection of the platform game noitcelfeR! Use your arrows to mov...

  • Sichiken

    Guide your little pixel duders through the platform puzzle game Sichiken.

  • My Life Is Yours

    You gotta kill yourself in the platform puzzle game My Life Is Yours in order to get on! Swap the characters and use the elements wisel...

  • Underneath

    Move your robot through the pixel caverns in this classical jump and run platform game. Don't worry, it'll get challenging rapidly!

  • Madness: Project Nexus

    Become a powerful L337 unit. To prove yourself you need to complete all missions and become an ultimate member of the Nexus unit.

  • Canary

    Fly your brave Canary bird through the nice looking pixel art underground using your mouse and use your laser to remove all kinds of ob...

  • Dino Shift

    Help the dino collect all stones and use the ability of shifting colors to get the job done and exit a level.


Best Rated

  • Medieval Shark

    You are a medieval shark and it is your goal to bring mayhem and destruction!

  • Amea

    The story of a young girl with no recollection of her memory needs to be solved.

  • St. Pattack

    Play as St. Pattack in this is a crazy side scrolling brawler. Fight in various Irish themed environments and engage in intense combat ...

  • Hippolyta

    Prepare yourself for a brutally hard journey of doom for freedom and redemption! - yep it's a reflex/action game!

  • William and Sly

    William setup a netowork of runestones to teleport to his old storage shed, but they mysteriously st

  • Ninja Brawl

    An evil Samurai Master has unleashed his army onto the world and it is up to you to save everyone fr

  • Stealing the Diamond

    Try to Steal the Tunisian Diamond from the museum. There are 3 ways to complete the game, the Aggressive way, the Undetected way and th...

  • Sift Heads 5

    Vinnie is back in town and doing what he does best... sifting heads. But a deadly assassin is about

  • KillGore

    A Bull sees RED! Fight your way through the humans world. Use arrows and ASD to walk, jump, brawl'n'shoot.

  • Sift Heads World 3

    And the story goes on! Grab the mouse and shoot your way through the action movie Sift Heads World 3 and help Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro.