Action / Adventure Games

  • When I Was Young

    When I Was Young is a fun physics-based platformer. When you are young, you are faster and stronger. Use your arrow keys to run and jum...

  • Nuclear Justice 2084

    As a badass prison guard you have to prevent the inmates from escaping. In other words: Beat 'em all up in the action game Nuclear Just...

  • Polar Trouble

    Use the penguins and snow balls to shoot at the fruits and the other animals.

  • Georganism 3

    Unite the Jellies and use their special abilities to reach the end of each stage.

  • Enola: Prelude

    RPG adventure game that challenges you to fight the monsters of Enola and level up to a mighty warrior.

  • Qoosh

    You are a science project that needs to collect candy and find the warpzones.

  • Potty Racers 4

    Let the potty fly as far as possible and collect the coins to upgrade your toilet.

  • Light Watch

    As the keeper of the light house you must collect starpower to keep it burning.

  • Hobo 7: Heaven

    Hobo is now on his way to heaven's gates. Kick everyone's butt and enter heaven!

  • Squidy 2

    Guide squidy through the levels collect the stars and find the bath tub.

  • Deadly Venom 4

    Use your assassin skills to destroy the dynasty infrastructure.

  • Lazerman

    As the head you need to search the laboratory in order to find and save your body.

  • Deadswitch 2

    Lead your troops to victory using brutal weapons to destroy all enemy units.

  • Epic Battle Fantasy 4

    Epic turnbased RPG adventure in which you have to save the world again and become a big hero.

  • Path Barrel

    Pave the way for the Path Barrel in this quite strange platform puzzle game in which you really play a barrel on its way to the mud...

  • Swindler 2

    Collect the stars and reach the exit using your goo string to steer through the levels.

  • Bearbarians

    Destroy all enemy bears using all the fighting skills you have and can earn.

  • Band Of Heroes

    Fight and destroy your enemies using the power of the upgardable heroes.

  • Evolvo Plus

    Try to get at the top of the foodchain eating the smaller fishes to grow and eat more.

  • Monstercraft

    Buy new monsters and grow them in a lab to get ready for serious battles.

  • Berzerk Ball 2

    Try and hit Corneau as far as possible collecting specials along the way.

  • Slay With Santa

    Help Santa to retrieve the presents from the ugly creatures that try to damage xmas.

  • Feed Us 4

    You are a mean, very hungry fish and you must eat as much as you can to evolve.

  • Mustached Driller

    You must drill for mineral and gems to collect cash that you can spend for upgrades.

  • Transmorpher

    Reach the exit of each stage using the special morphing powers you have.

  • Kawairun 2

    Sprint, jump, slide & dodge the obstacles of each stage and stay alive as long as you can.

  • Incredipede

    You are an unevolved life-form and you must collect the food to evolve.

  • Stop GMO

    Stop the bad fruits from attacking you using all sorts of weapons that you can upgrade.

  • Red Ball 4

    Try to collect all the stars and reach the exit of each level with your moving ball.

  • Earn To Die 2012

    Escape the zombie invasion by reaching the very heavy armored truck at the end.

  • Sole Gunner

    Fight off enemy units and clear the way to meet the bosses that you must destroy!

  • Lucky Tower 2

    As a lucky knight you must find and fight yourself a way through the tower!

  • Quantum Patrol

    Retrieve 300 years of technology using your robot or mankind is doomed!

  • Rocket Santa 2

    Launch Santa up in the air with a big canon and sttrap on rockets to reach the moon.

  • Rail of Death 2

    Stay on the tracks of the mine as long as you can and collect gems to upgrade!

  • Sift Renegade 3

    Help to save Kiro's brother from death. Destroy the japanese Triad to succeed!

  • Deep Sea Hunter

    Get in your submarine and discover the all the dangers of the deep blue!

  • Tricky Rick

    Help Robot Rick to collect enough gas for his rocket so he can take off.

  • The Prince Edward

    As a prince you need to prove yourself completing all of the achievements.

  • Rawr

    Train and level your very own monster to fight off other monsters and bosses.

  • Hired Heroes

    Turnbased adventure that challenges you to save the kingdom with all kinds of warriors.


Best Rated

  • Medieval Shark

    You are a medieval shark and it is your goal to bring mayhem and destruction!

  • Amea

    The story of a young girl with no recollection of her memory needs to be solved.

  • St. Pattack

    Play as St. Pattack in this is a crazy side scrolling brawler. Fight in various Irish themed environments and engage in intense combat ...

  • Hippolyta

    Prepare yourself for a brutally hard journey of doom for freedom and redemption! - yep it's a reflex/action game!

  • William and Sly

    William setup a netowork of runestones to teleport to his old storage shed, but they mysteriously st

  • Ninja Brawl

    An evil Samurai Master has unleashed his army onto the world and it is up to you to save everyone fr

  • Stealing the Diamond

    Try to Steal the Tunisian Diamond from the museum. There are 3 ways to complete the game, the Aggressive way, the Undetected way and th...

  • Sift Heads 5

    Vinnie is back in town and doing what he does best... sifting heads. But a deadly assassin is about

  • KillGore

    A Bull sees RED! Fight your way through the humans world. Use arrows and ASD to walk, jump, brawl'n'shoot.

  • Sift Heads World 3

    And the story goes on! Grab the mouse and shoot your way through the action movie Sift Heads World 3 and help Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro.