Action / Adventure Games

  • William and Sly 2

    The gnomes have stolen William's journal and scattered the pages all over the mountainside! Luckily, he knows a fox who's willing to he...

  • Mr. Bree Returning Home

    Help the pig Mr. Bree to find his way back home. Avoid spikes and jump over gaps to collect the pieces of the puzzle so he can get back...

  • Escape From Nightmare

    Beware of the darkness in the artsy platformer Escape From Nightmare. Use mouse to keep the light shining or your journey will find a s...

  • Crumpled

    Get a doodle dude and his magic blob through the crumpled worlds of the clever platform puzzler Crumpled! The Blob can assume various s...

  • Mardi Gras Mayhem

    Collect enough cash to buy a big ring for your girlfriend. Get your ass kicked and fly, bump and jump as far as possible collecting pow...

  • Viking Quest

    Viking Quest is a great escape and puzzle game. Your goal is to move from screen to screen as you search for objects to gather and help...

  • Suspense

    In the pretty confusing platform puzzle game Suspense you have to switch between three layers wisely in order to get your sprite throug...

  • Clumsy Scientist

    In the point and click puzzle game Clumsy Scientist you need to help your friend the clumsy professor to become the new Einstein. Solve...

  • Heavy Pawnage

    In the fighting game Heavy Pawnage you are a combat worker robot that needs to destroy all rogue drones. The enemy drones try to destro...

  • Pick and Dig 3

    Help our pink hero to solve the puzzles of each stage gathering enough coins to proceed and to learn new skills.

  • Global Crysis

    In the platform action game Global Crysis your goal is to pay off your debt. Complete the missions to get back on track. Collect weapon...

  • Crazy Hangover 2

    Crazy Hangover 2 is the sequel of the Crazy Hangover puzzle game. This version will have you laughing and guessing what the next step i...

  • Average Joe

    Help the little Average Joe to master actually simple levels... the question is how!

  • We Are Friends

    Help Xomo, Yomo and Zomo to escape from Gumo's evil puzzle factory in the cute point and click adventure game We Are Friends using your...

  • Nelly

    Enter the mysterious and artsy world of Nelly in this platform adventure game! Use arrows, space and mouse to stroll through the woods.

  • Super Pig

    Paint the levels red with your own blood to see them in this funny platformer. But take care: You have only a limited amount of Super P...

  • Working Stiffs

    You and your co-workers are locked inside the office that is full of zombies. Lead your group of people through the building attacking ...

  • The Fairyland Massacre

    You are sent on a mission to save your planet. Travel back in time to land on Fairyland planet and wipe out the entire planet to comple...

  • Celebrity Hunt

    You are a professional paparazzi in this funny point and click adventure game. Interact with the screen and take high priced photos of ...

  • Spikes Tend To Kill You 2

    Another really hard jump and run platform game, retro style! Use arrows to move and make it to the exits, but take care: Spikes Tend To...

  • Killbot!

    Escape from the lab and get your revenge on the owners that manipulated you. Use your physic abilities and disguises to get the job don...

  • Dungeon King

    An evil race wants to take over your land. Gain skills and level up through these dark dungeons!

  • Sift Heads Street Wars

    Our friend Vinnie is chased by all of his enemies. The Yakuza, the Italians and the Russians. Try to keep Vinnie alive and see how the ...

  • Memohuntress

    Help the girl to find all missing items to complete the quest. Walk through the worlds, help friends and get rid of evil creatures to c...

  • The Dragon Quest

    Platform puzzle game. Defeat the enemies and try to find the key of the exit door.

  • Humbugger

    Humbugger tells the story of Ziggy Fraud who cheats the rules of physics without understanding them in fact. Will Ziggy once more learn...

  • Square Hero

    Square Hero is a fun adventure game, you will act as a character named Joe, your goal is to smash your way through 7 puzzling stages an...

  • All That Matters

    Getting all the round characters to the exits is All That Matters in this physics platform puzzle game. Teamwork is important, too!

  • Deadly Venom 3

    In the 3rd episode of the adventure game series Deadly Venom your duty is to take down the evil empire that is developing a deadly muta...

  • Tequila Zombies

    Hack, slay and shoot tons of Tequila Zombies (that look quite like Quentin Tarantino staff) using arrow keys and space in this zombie a...

  • Rew

    In the point and click adventure game Rew you have to play a story... backwards! Figure out what to click and click it!

  • Trigger Knight

    In Trigger Knight your goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible before the life of the knight ends.

  • Dragon Boy

    Dragon Boy is a fun adventure game. To feed your dragon, you must toggle the arrows in the inventory and drag the food towards it. When...

  • Outpost Haven

    Explore the orbital outpost and wipe out all alien activity you can find. Collect weapons, ammo and other items to help you with your m...

  • The WOK

    You are an alien soldier and it is your duty to retrieve the powerful artifact that has fallen from the sky. Interact with the environm...

  • NT Creature 2

    Raise and evolve your personal creature. Place defensive towers along each level to protect your base against enemy units. Eat the enem...

  • A Stick Mage Quest

    A Stick Mage Quest is a fun RPG and adventure game. Upgrade abilities of your stick mage as you go on quests your told to. Beware of sl...

  • Larva Dream

    No matter whether this is a dream or not, you have to help the little larva to master the puzzles of this point and click adventure gam...

  • Hammer Ball

    Fight in the arena against the other Hammer Ball robots and earn cash to buy upgrades.

  • Kung-Fu Grandpa

    Sidescrolling action brawler. Help this mad kung-fu grandpa to clear the scum off the streets.

  • Aliens Quest

    Get the alien to escape the top-secret facility. Interact with your mouse and solve all the puzzles.

  • Combat Tournament Legends

    Fight until you die. Pick your favorite stickman character and enter the arena to battle against your opponents. Build up combos and us...

  • Defenders Quest

    Command of a group of warriors that has to fight against the evil plague. Place swordsmen, rangers and wizards along the road to attack...

  • Scarlet Stranger

    Walk and fight your way through the risky top-down worlds of the adventure game Scarlet Stranger, find buttons and collect elements.

  • The Fishermans Wrath

    Free your people from the evil alien invaders in the action adventure game The Fishermans Wrath. Customize your hero and learn to fight...

  • Adventures of Pudde

    The Adventures of Pudde is a fun adventure and skill game, slide and jump around levels as you avoid spikes and flip switches.

  • Frog Dares

    Now this is one brave frog! Hop and run through the classic but very sweet drawn platform game Frog Dares and eat up your enemies.


Best Rated

  • Medieval Shark

    You are a medieval shark and it is your goal to bring mayhem and destruction!

  • Amea

    The story of a young girl with no recollection of her memory needs to be solved.

  • St. Pattack

    Play as St. Pattack in this is a crazy side scrolling brawler. Fight in various Irish themed environments and engage in intense combat ...

  • Hippolyta

    Prepare yourself for a brutally hard journey of doom for freedom and redemption! - yep it's a reflex/action game!

  • William and Sly

    William setup a netowork of runestones to teleport to his old storage shed, but they mysteriously st

  • Ninja Brawl

    An evil Samurai Master has unleashed his army onto the world and it is up to you to save everyone fr

  • Stealing the Diamond

    Try to Steal the Tunisian Diamond from the museum. There are 3 ways to complete the game, the Aggressive way, the Undetected way and th...

  • Sift Heads 5

    Vinnie is back in town and doing what he does best... sifting heads. But a deadly assassin is about

  • KillGore

    A Bull sees RED! Fight your way through the humans world. Use arrows and ASD to walk, jump, brawl'n'shoot.

  • Sift Heads World 3

    And the story goes on! Grab the mouse and shoot your way through the action movie Sift Heads World 3 and help Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro.